Monday, September 24, 2012

First. Rejection. Ever! ^^ :D

I received my first rejection ever yesterday. And I’m happy about it! ^^ :D Weird right? When I sent out that first submission, I had no idea what kind of feedback I’d get. None. I told myself to put it in the mail and never think about it again until I received my SASE back. Now that I’ve got it back and I know it’s a rejection, I’m still a little disappointed they didn’t want it, but I know I’ve still won, because even though I’ve got to wait a little longer to be published, I still followed through and sent it in the first place. For me, that’s huge! It’s one thing to take classes that say do this, this, and this, but it’s totally different to take that step on your own and take the chance knowing you might fail. It’s scary! Now I feel like I can put that first notch in my lipstick case and strike out again. J I have...

All thats left to do, aside from try again, is figure out what to do with my Rejection Letter! J Frame it???
Have you ever received a Rejection Letter? What did you do with yours? ^^ J

Monday, September 10, 2012

Jumping Back into the Blogosphere with Chocolate!

Welcome to my first ever Blog hop! You may have noticed I haven’t been around for a while and I do apologize for that. Life seems to catch up when you least expect it to and has a habit of turning you round and round until you don’t know which way you’re going. I’m just getting back on track now and I’ll be working on getting around to all those blog posts I missed while I was away.

In the meantime, M. Pax, Laura Eno, Brinda Berry, and Ciara Knight are hosting the What’s your Chocolate? Blog hop! To find a list of all the blogs involved, hop on over to M. Pax’s website and checkout all those fellow chocolate lover's blogs out there! ^^ J

So what’s my chocolate? Truffles. Creamy, delicious truffles. My grandma and grandpa used to always have Lindor ball truffles at their house when we came to visit as kids. The milk chocolate ones were my favorite. ^^ J There’s also a chocolate shop in town called Pegasus Gourmet Chocolate and they have delicious truffles that they make right there in the store. ^^

So what's your chocolate? Tell all about it in the comments below! ^^ J