Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hello! It's Nice to Meet You :)

Hello there and welcome to my blog Flowering Fiction. My name is Amanda Rose. I am a jeweler as well as an aspiring writer. I write young adult fiction and am currently working on my first full length novel which I hope to someday have published. I live in Central Oregon with my two cats, Tazzy and Pippa, and my two miniature poodles, Cloe and Crystal. They’re an odd bunch, but we all get along like peas in pod. I have one older brother, four younger half sisters, one younger half brother, and one more half sibling due this June. What a household! J But I love them all very much. Just now I’m finishing a class at the Institute of Children’s Literature and can’t wait to someday call myself a published writer. J If you’re ever in the mood for a good book I’d suggest anything from Tamora Pierce to Suzanne Collins or even Cassandra Clare. You’ll probably hear me talk about them later on as well since these ladies are my favorite authors and a few of my heroes in the writing industry. I’m a bit of a movie guru as well so you’ll probably hear the occasional review on the latest blockbuster hit as well. Once upon a time my dream was to be a big Hollywood director, but after I looked into it some more I realized I just wanted to tell a story and I’ve been hooked on writing ever since. On this blog I hope to talk about writing, books, publishing, have the occasional guest post and reach out to other writers.
It's nice to meet you!