Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween Everybody! I hope you all had lots of Halloween fun whether you went Trick-or-Treating, had a super awesome costume party, or just hung out with family. ^^ J I spent the evening with my family playing poker with rolls of nickels and dimes. I didn’t win very much, but it was lots of fun anyways. :D Do you have any spook-tacular traditions for Halloween?

October has been a busy month, but I’ve been working on a free read to make available soon. I’m hoping to have it up in the next couple weeks so we’ll see! ^^ Are you ready for November? Don’t forget that November is National Novel Writing Month!

Happy Halloween!!! ^^ :D

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Look! Look! Look!

This week I was tagged by the lovely M.Pax for the look challenge! The rules: Count up the ‘LOOK’s in your current WIP and choose your favorite three. Then post the paragraphs around the word.

Dotted about the first two chapters of my WIP, I’ve used 50 looks. Ouch! Not toooo bad for out of 14,000 words, but that’s partly why it’s still a WIP. ^^;

            Reiva twirled out of his path and caught his tunic by the neck. With an abrupt jerk, she threw him forward and sent him flying. A loud crack split the air as Darret crashed into a stack of wine barrels. Red liquid fountained down as Reiva hooked her boot under Darret’s fallen gladius and flicked it into the air. She caught it and pitched it forward, sailing end over end. It stuck into the barrel just over Darret’s head. Dazed, he looked up into a fresh spray of wine that spilled down his soaking tunic.

             Stepping onto the street, faces turned towards them, taking in the blood and mouthing ceaseless questions. Reiva wanted to shrink so small they would never see her again. She felt their prying eyes like insects crawling over her skin, itching to dig under her shell and unravel her from the inside out. Looking at Talou, you might never know he was an object of such scrutiny. Glances slid off him like rain off a glass pane, but then again, he wasn’t the topic of their gossip.

             She had to remind herself to stay alert; she wasn’t out of danger just yet. Risking a glance around the cart, she surveyed the crowd. There weren’t any guards just yet, but they weren’t the only threat. Cool steady eyes met her gaze and knew she’d been spotted. She’d seen him in the city center, watching the crowds from a distance. He was a foreigner by the looks of him, but even a foreigner could benefit from the capture of a fugitive.

I’m still new in the blogosphere so instead of tagging 5 lovely people, I’m going to tag 3. Karen Elizabeth Brown, Heather at Reading, Writing andEverything In Between, and Susan Gourley/Kelley.
Have a great week everybody and happy writing! ^^ :D

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Insecure Writer's Support Group

I’ve been meaning to join the IWSG for a couple months now; ever since I discovered it really. J It’s so cool to be able to share the things that have sent me on writing ups and downs and know that not only am I not the first one to experience these things, but also that others have experienced it before too. Plus you get to hear all the awesome success stories from authors dealing with the same kinds of things and that they overcame them! How cool is that? ^^ :D

I’ve been coming off of a writing slump and have been working to sit down and write every day even if it’s in the ten minutes I have been before heading into work. It’s going alright so far, and I even got to sit down for a couple hours today and do some much needed editing from my critique group’s notes on my novel’s prologue.  Woohoo! It’s progress, even if it’s little by little. ^^ J
If you're interested in joining IWSG, Alex Cavanaugh is the wonderful host and you can find his website here.
Happy writing everyone! ^^ :D