Wednesday, November 5, 2014

November IWSG Small Victories

Hey IWSGers! Hope you guys and gals had a fantastic Halloween are doing good! October absolutely flew by! I have to keep reminding myself that it’s November already! Oh well. Time flies when you’re having fun so it couldn’t have been too bad can it? ;D

Well a lot has been going on since my last IWSG Post. Before I mentioned that I was working on two different pieces; a novel for my Institute of Children’s Literature class and another for the Harvest Contest organized by the Central Oregon Writer’s guild. I’m very happy to announce that, not only did I finish the first draft of my novel a whole month ahead of schedule, but I also placed in the top ten of the Harvest Contest! There were 52 entries in the contest and it was a tight race. The Awards Night was held October 18th at the New Hampton Inn in Bend and all of the top ten came and read their pieces. It was great getting to listen to all of them. There was a lot talent and creativity present and it was a lot of fun getting to talk to the other winners afterwards and learn more about them. :)

Now that the contest is over, it’s back to work! ;D I’m going to start on editing and revising my novel and while I’m working on that, I’m hoping to finally finish another short piece for a different contest. Lots of fun stuff coming up! :D

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