Friday, June 8, 2012

Adventures in Short Stories

Yesterday as I was editing and reediting the first chapter of my novel, I started to become a little bogged down and decided to step back and think about some long term goals. A novel, depending on the speed at which you write, can be a long endeavor! You have multiple chapters to fill, plenty of characters to flesh out, and after all that, you have editing. For a beginning writer like myself, it started to look like a rather daunting task! Working through my writing course with the Institute of Children's Literature I mostly wrote short stories. The whole time I kept thinking to myself, I don't like short stories. How can you become invested in a story that's only five pages long? Where's the build up? The plot? The adventure? The romance? I was simply not interested in such short works of fiction.

Now that I've been able to seriously commit to a full length novel, I'm beginning to see the value in short stories. When you've been working at the computer, hammering out all those little details, a short story is like a nice little breather. You can step away from that big daunting project, focus on something a little simpler, and just enjoy a shorter, less complicated piece of fiction. That's why I've decided to revive my first assignment for the Institute and make a true blue effort to get it published! ^^ :)

Strange Medicine, is a short story about two twins who go on a journey in New York to find a cure for their mother's sickness. After countless doctors have tried and failed to help, all seems lost until Tansy hears in her mother's whispering delirium, the name of a single doctor. Doctor Skiff. When Tansy and her brother Brett raid their mother's address book all they find are three words: Skiff Central Park. And so their adventure begins...

I heard somewhere that if you make a goal, you should either write it down somewhere you can see it or tell someone about it so why not do both? :) Getting Strange Medicine published is mine. What's yours? :)


  1. I actually really enjoy reading short stories and also watching short movies. I like the tension that builds up in such a short time and also that there is often a lot to think about while and after reading one.
    I am certainly looking forward to reading Strange Medicine! It sounds like an interesting story! :D

    Talking about goals is a hard one for me at the moment. I just finished school and am finding myself in a process of change. I am actually thinking about writing about it on my blog. ;)
    Well, for now, I am trying to enroll in college. I want to be a Psychology major at the moment, but people who know me are probably aware of the fact that I can change my mind very quickly. But I hope I get a chance to look into it more and hopefully make up my mind.
    Well, so that's one goal. The second one is one you already know very well: Getting over there to be with Jayde and you guys! :D Jayde and I are working on it. He will be here in one week and we'll start preparing papers. :)

    Grüße und Liebe aus Deutschland,
    Kat ♥

    1. I like when short stories can really build up tension in the first couple pages. Those really hook you in and keep you guessing. :)
      Thank you! I can't wait to finish it! ^^ :D

      Change can be a good thing as well as a bad thing. I think it all depends on how we look at it and handle it, but I know you're a strong individual! ^^ :)
      Psychology would be pretty cool to study! It's one of those subjects that really make you hunker down and think. ^^
      I'm glad you'll be able to see Jayde soon and I hope you guys have fun! Give him a big hug for me! ^^
      Greetings and love from Oregon,
      Amanda <3