Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December IWSG 2014 Revisions

Hey IWSGers! Hope you’re all doing well as Christmas and New Year’s grows ever closer. The Holiday season is upon us and in full swing! :D Have you gotten started on your Christmas list yet or are you one of those early birds that’s already got it done and has been done for weeks now. (If you’re one of the latter, what’s your secret? ;D )
Anywho, it’s the first Wednesday of the month and coincidentally, also the last IWSG Post of the year. It also happens to be…my Birthday! Yay! *confetti* ^^ :D So onto matters of the writer! I am working on revisions of my ICL novel and I am learning how much a different creature it is than writing. I absolutely hate the opening of my book, but I am finding spots where I can fine tune it, but I think that’s part of my problem as I get going here. I am fine tuning when I should be…doing something broader? I am not sure. Where does one start when diving into revisions? Do you read over the whole manuscript and then work on chunks? Do you start at the beginning? Work backwards since you’re characters are more defined at the end?

What do you do when you start revisions? Do you have a system or method that helps you keep on track? Let me know in the comments below! :)

Merry Christmas and Happy Writing! ^^ :D

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