Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Happy New Years IWSGers!

Hey guys! Happy New Years!!! ^^ :D So it’s another IWSG Wednesday which means it’s time again to share our fears, failures, successes and give advice or encouragement.


Right now I am working on revising my YA faery novel and…I hate it. It’s not horrible and certainly not hopeless, but during the holiday season and the crazy work hours that went with it, I put revision off and now I am working like a madwoman to catch up. I’ve also got so many little brands in the fire that it’s really kind of distracting, but they aren’t things I can put off right now. I’ve discovered that this piece really should probably be in third POV and so that sets me back even further. I really do like the story, but this part of the revision process is the part that I really hate. I want to get some opinions on it sooner than later, but it’s still too early in the process and I’m afraid that I won’t get the kind of feedback I need because I’ll be changing what I would have been sending out anyways. I kind of just want to face plant on my keyboard and call it a night, but that’s not really an option.

What do you do when you’re discouraged and on a deadline?
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  1. Ooh, yes. That is a tough spot to be in! When the story's still such a mess that you're not quite sure how it will work out -- or even if it will -- but you're no long in that heady first-draft in-love stage. Best of luck to you! I bet it will be fantastic when you're done with it!!

  2. Oh boy, that's a tough place to be. I'm getting ready to head in there myself. I try concentrating on one aspect, for example, the third person thing. Get that done, then choose the next aspect to work on. Do them one at a time. Then they don't feel quite so overwhelming... well, at least most of the time! Lisa @

  3. Keep writing, listen to music, do scribbling, mind mapping and doodling on the area I am struggling with, not pat answers really. Good Luck
    Juneta at Writer's Gambit

  4. If you think it should be in third person, I'd go with it. I was on the second draft of my first book (like, two years ago) when something important happened (in the story) and I was like THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING. The central story was still the same but there were new characters and I realized I absolutely HAD to rework it. If you feel the third person would help it dramatically, I say go for it. You want to write the best story it can be, right? Go with your gut on this.

    As far as being discouraged, I normally reread my favorite book and revisit my love for words. Inspiration hits and I find my muse again.